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In early 2016 I became one of only four people in Alabama to obtain certification in Quantum-Touch.  Of all the healing modalities I have experienced, nothing seems to be able to match Quantum-Touch in getting the client to achieve not only their physical goals but also addressing their emotional issues as well.  From the time I was a little girl my heart would hurt to see someone in pain.  This feeling also extended to animals.  Intuitively I knew I could help them and I was always able to see them in a different light.  Although amazed at my abilities, life unfolded for me like many of us.  I graduated from high school, went to college, got a job, married, became a parent and then a grandparent....life just passed by.  I am now at a point in my life where it is time to give back to my brothers and sisters all the love I have inside of me.

Quantum-Touch uses what is called Life Force Energy to accelerate the healing process.  Love is the fuel behind this Life Force Energy and that is where I believe I truly excel.

Just in my short period of time I have had wonderful results using this amazing healing modality; not just with "in person" local sessions but in "long distance" non-local sessions as well. I am also certified in Accessing the Bars Access Bars®, Level 1 EFT Certification, and am in the process of getting certified as a Law of Attraction Life Coach.

The picture you see of me is a result of the new process Quantum Touch Quantum-Touch called The Art of Youthing. I was featured in their monthly newsletter in December of 2015 that goes worldwide. There are numerous studies being undertaken on this subject. I would love to hear from you to explain how this process works, not only in Youthing but on physical and emotional issues as well. You can reach me by phone or email to learn more about this process and to set up a session either in person or long distance. Wherever you may be, and with the love and compassion I have in my heart, you will have the opportunity to achieve the healing results you desire.


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Lori earned her certification in March 2016 under the direction of licensed Quantum Energy Healing Touch Level A Instructor, Gene Skaggs of Nashville, Tennessee. Lori was certified as a Quantum-Touch Practitioner in 2016. She studied with Gene Skaggs of Nashville, Tennessee and Miriam Hunter of Fairfax, Virginia.

She continues to grow and expand, as she trains to be a Certified Quantum-Touch Level 1 Instructor licensed Quantum Energy Healing Touch Level A Instructor, and practices other complimentive complementary modalities.

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Professional Experience

Now in the process of building clientele for a full time practice, Lori has been an active Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner Quantum Energy Healing Touch practitioner for more than two years, with phenomenal results. Find out what people are saying about Lori's healing work.


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Lori practices Quantum Energy Healing Touch Quantum-Touch at her home studio, as well as remotely. In addition, upon request, she will travel to the client's home and offers her services at special healing event seminars, workshops, and expos. Contact Lori today for more details, and/or to schedule an appointment.

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"My attitude towards my work has changed and I am no longer experiencing that paralyzing fear which had been cropping up!"

Deb had told me that you had worked on her and I remotely last weekend and I appreciate it very much (I could feel the energy without a shadow of a doubt). 

Going back to 2 weeks ago yesterday, as you aligned me, I felt an energetic shift, as if I were a card within a deck being shuffled. I've felt it before in situations of weirdness and magic. I got little visualizations to speak of during the session, but I did feel incredibly relaxed to the point where I could barely stay awake. Needless to say, it was a bit difficult staying awake at the wheel on the way home! The next Sunday, when you worked remotely on me, the same "relaxing so much I passed out" feeling returned and I got about 10 hours of sleep that night! It was great. Best sleep I've had in years.

Since our first encounter, my dreams have been quite vivid and more powerful with messages and symbology. The night after my first session I had a dream wherein I was escaping indoctrination. It was a school dream where I was in a class I didn't like, decided the subject matter being taught wasn't in my best interest and I mustered up the nerve and courage to literally get up and walk out on my own accord, regardless of the repercussions. Since that night a lot of my dreams have been consisting of moving. Whether I am traveling under my own power or floating on a great river, moving thru caves and waterfalls, I am moving. 

My attitude towards my work has changed and I am no longer experiencing that paralyzing fear which had been cropping up. For a while, every time I'd get an email from a client, I'd instantly get butterflies in my stomach regardless of the subject matter, instantly expecting the worst case scenario. This no longer is a problem. I am indeed taking back some of my personal power and becoming a bit more resistive to outside influences. I am becoming more reserved and find it easier to resist temptations which used to get the best of me easily. So there's no doubt I am experiencing positive results regarding the issues we addressed at our last meeting. 

When I have some time to reflect on other issues that you could assist with, I will run them by you via email. For now, my primary goal is to continue to focus on my personal power issues in order to transform my being into a new man. It's time to rewrite my old programming. I'd also like to discover more about the Quantum Touch Quantum-Touch methodology, so if you have any links or books to suggest I am all ears!

I appreciate your help very much and look forward to our next session! 

Thank you,,
Andy Beckman 

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"My body aches have diminished considerably to where I feel almost normal again."

Thank you again for a most wonderful session yesterday. I just wanted you to know I feel much better today. I lost quite a bit of water yesterday and overnight, so my inflammation is way down. And I've been drinking a lot of water as well. My body aches have diminished considerably to where I feel almost normal again. I will keep you updated over the next few days but so far I feel fantastic, thank you!

Kind regards,
Debra Beckman

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To find out more and/or make an appointment, contact Lori Warner via email at: HappyToHeal@Yahoo.com or call or text 256-975-2425.

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