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In 2006 I became interested in Psych-K, a technique which allows you to achieve self healing, forgiveness and clearing without having to delineate and analyze your issues. I attended training and am now a certified PSYCH-K facilitator.

PSYCH-K stands for Psychological Kinesiology. The kinesiology part refers to the diagnosis system that determines the hidden problem, not the one on the surface. The psychological part is the undoing of the unwanted thoughts that produce undesirable results in our life. The process is accomplished by putting your hands and feet in proper alignment, along with certain questions asked by the facilitator so that your subconscious mind can have a picture to attach to your affirmation. This process connects your conscious mind and your subconscious mind to work in unison. PSYCH-K calls this connection whole brain.

This procedure was developed by Dr. Robert M. Williams, a therapist, after many years of not achieving the results he would have preferred through psychotherapy.

Scientists have proven that when we think a thought, we are thinking that thought with our conscious mind. Our conscious mind processes forty megahertz a second. Our subconscious mind processes four million megahertz a second. This serves to prove that our subconscious mind always over -rules our conscious thoughts. That is why affirmations have little effect on producing the results we are affirming because we are affirming these beliefs with our conscious mind.

If you have ever seen a picture of your mind, it has two hemispheres. They are referred to as right-brain and left-brain. There is a strip in the middle that attaches the two hemispheres. Scientists call this strip a membrane. The membrane stores all the memory of your past thoughts. We have approximately sixty thousands thoughts a day so you can imagine the amount of thoughts held in its' data base. Scientists call this memory folder, carbon based memory.

There is a cord that connects the conscious and subconscious mind that has access to this memory folder. Through the PSYCH-K process the negative thoughts attached to our affirmations are deleted. One can look at this deleting process as one would use cookies on their computer. We know it deletes unwanted files but we really don't know the extent of these undesirable files. What we do know is the computer runs better after hitting the cookies button.

"I have had several personal Psych K sessions with Gene. He has also done a group session with the Wise Council of Antara Center. Gene is very professional and thorough in his explanations of the use and process of Psych K. In every case that I've experienced counseling from Gene, I know he is always connected to the highest good of all that is concerned with my healing. He is very professional, and honors the confidential nature of the sessions. Psych K easily removes blocking, repetitive patterns so abundant blessings flow freely. I highly recommend Gene and this process to you."

— Janice Mickle, CEO/Founder Antara Center, Inc.



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