Unless otherwise noted, Victoria branded, designed, developed, launched, and maintained all websites, as well as created all mocks and pitches to clients from start to finish, with the exception of content provided by client.

aluriel online

the listening heart



lee's tree services
(Build Only)

(Build Only)

victoria & zeta five

design revival

bank of utah - online bill pay
FISI Madison Interactive Team Effort, which included several departments, such as; product development, creative, web copy, IT, and outside vendors. (Victoria's contribution: Website design & development, including vbscript / asp coding to automate production of multiple sites on the fly.)

online bill pay flying ad
FISI Madison Interactive Team Effort (Product Development, Creative, Web Copy, Website Design & Development (Victoria), IT, and outside vendors.)

bank one business 2 business - pitch

fisi madison interactive sales homesite (mock)

sonicplace (mock)


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