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“Gene Skaggs presented a workshop on the similarities between Unity and A COURSE IN MIRACLES and did a phenomenal job. He is extremely well versed in both subjects and presented the material in a simplified way without compromising the depth of both thought systems. People walked away with a fundamental understanding of both systems and saw how they are basically saying the same thing, just the languaging is different at times. He has an easy relaxed manner, putting the audience at ease while keeping them actively engaged. They felt safe to ask questions and share insights. You would be greatly blessed by his presentation and presence. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me @ 615-907-6033 or email me @

— Rev. Felicis Searcy, Minister
Unity Church of Life, Murfreesboro, TN


“Gene Skaggs has taken the beauty of A COURSE IN MIRACLES; the poetic phrasing of the Bible; the simplicity of basic Unity principles to create a message of oneness. Through his books and workshops, Gene assists the participants not only in finding the similarities but also in reclaiming the true message. Using visuals and experiences, Gene is able to take each person to a place of better understanding of how all three teachings are in perfect alignment. I felt truly inspired to give up the struggle and to offer up a little bit of willingness on my part to surrender to the deep teachings of love and forgiveness. I also began to see how the Unity of all three helps me create a more authentic way of living my life. I believe that his books and workshops are a must for everyone who is professing to be ‘on the path.’ After the workshop, I know I can truly look into another's eyes and say, ‘I behold the Christ in you.’ Namaste.”  

— Rev. Denise Yeargin
Unity Church for Positive Living, Old Hickory, TN


“When I recall the teachers who had the greatest impact on my life, they were the teachers who loved teaching and were passionate about their work. Gene Skaggs is one of those teachers. His enthusiasm for sharing the rich and enlightened teachings contained in the book, A COURSE IN MIRACLES is contagious. His personal grasp of the concepts taught in the Course, combined with a natural ability to convey these life altering concepts with ease, makes Gene a welcome presenter. His passion for sharing A COURSE IN MIRACLES is truly a gift to us all. As a long time student of the Course, I highly recommend Gene as a speaker and teacher.”

— Linda Jones Ellis, Group Coordinator
First Sunday, An Institute of Noetic Science Community Group


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