The Genes
Having grown up in an artistic environment, my background encompasses a rich supply of experience in the creative and performing arts. My mother and father were fine arts education student graduates of Texas Weselyn College, Fort Worth. Affectionately known as the “artist couple”, they both taught art professionally and were actively involved in community theatre and oratorio and church choir.

On my mother’s side, my grandmother was well known professionally for her gifted voice in classical circles from her national touring days in vaudeville to live radio broadcasts to opera and choral work as a professional church soloist and voice builder for the Texas Boys Choir and the Texas Girls Choir; and my aunt, a talented actress who loved big band swing music of the 40's; were both early musical influences.

My mother's father studied medicine, drew illustrations for medical books, and designed beautiful custom gold leaf filigree jewelry in his store; and her great grandfather was a successful structural engineer, craftsman, virtuoso violinist and vocalist.

On my father's side, my grandfather and great uncle's were mechanically inclined with an inventive nature. Most of the men served in the U.S. military, and my grandma and her sisters, were Texas women - bright, youthful, spirited, and strong willed with determination.

Add it all up and what do you get? Fully loaded!

Early Beginnings
As a young child I recall having a very active creative imagination. My mind had a constant inner dialog of stories, music, and color. I'd create music props for imaginary instruments like the piano, and sang and danced. I loved to dance.

Often my father and I would take turns drawing pictures of animals; and an ample assortment of crayons, finger paints, tempra paints, water colors, brushes, colored pencils and pens, and large sheets of blank paper were always available for artistic expression.


Both my mother and father encouraged artistic expression. Drawing and painting was a regular activity, as well as making music.

School Days
At 8 yrs I taught myself how to play the piano and read the treble and bass clefs using a small two octave electric organ. At 10 yrs I began formal classical, suzuki, orchestral training with the violin and the voice in school, and at 15 yrs I learned to play guitar. Nearly every weekend, my family would get together with another family and sing and play music.

I excelled in academics throughout grammar school, high school and college. Advanced mathematics, the natural sciences, creative writing, music, art, and world religions were my favorite subjects.

After high school graduation, I enrolled in the bachelor of fine arts music under graduate program in college, took a few semesters of drawing and painting, and was then lured into geology by a required natural sciences plate tectonics class, and graduated with a B.S. Geology / Professional Emphasis (which included 3 semesters of calculus, 1 semester of statistics, 2 semesters of chemistry, 2 semesters of newtonian physics, and 1 semester of acoustic physics) at the University of Wisconsin, then obtained an M.S. Geophysics / Seismology at Southern Methodist University, Texas, my home state.

Career Days
Upon completing my graduate degree, I worked in the oil industry as an exploration geophysicist (prospecting in the Willingston basin in the Rocky Mountains), and as a research geophysicist (using numerical modeling and microseismic monitoring techniques during hydraulic stimulation in developed West Texas fields to help increase oil production from depleted wells) for three years until the industry went bust, then one year as a geophysical consultant for the university creating 3D animations of global particle motion time series of near real time 3 component seismic data to analyze in 3D and writing scientific reports and publications.


Cornell University and the University of St. Louis (the most prestigious seismic school in the United States) approached me about obtaining a Ph. D. under fellowship at their graduate schools; however, choosing to stay in the private commercial sector, I opted out of a lifetime commitment of research and development in academics, and returned to my soul roots of art and music, utilizing my technical skills and artistic talents to move into custom graphics web design and development and the performing arts.

Early on in my geophysical career, coming from a family of psychics, musicians, and artists, I began to intuit energetics, auric fields, astro travel, and psychic phenomena spontaneously, which led me to the Noetic Sciences and Unity to research the connection between the physical and the meta-physical.

My journey of discovery has led me to medical intuitives, reike therapists, healing touch, angelic communication, affirmative prayer, harmonic vibrational vocal therapy, shamanic healing, subconscious reprogramming, pyschic and telepathic communication, and more.

Therefore, in regards to music and custom graphic website design, development, and marketing, I'm a great fit for those involved in creative fields, such as; music, art, holistic health care, spiritual growth and development, as well as small businesses for a diverse group of peope from a broad range of disciplines.

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I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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